卖萌恶霸喵霸霸 Cute Bully Nyanbaba Free Download

Free Download 卖萌恶霸喵霸霸 Cute Bully Nyanbaba

Title: 卖萌恶霸喵霸霸 Cute Bully Nyanbaba

Genre: Casual, Indie







Release Date: 16 Sep, 2022

About This Game

The super cute villain Nyanbaba is back! This time, meow bully invaded 10 new scenes, found all the strange hidden points and cracked the magic of cat ear Nyanbaba!
Contains jump out shock (cute)! And super cute Chinese dubbing! More scenes, more voice, more joy!

Story background:

Nyanbaba from the cat’s ear planet came to earth in a flying saucer and burned his tongue with milk tea as soon as he landed. Angry nyambaba, she said she would retaliate against mankind with magic!

Introduction to the game:

This is a very scary (cute?) Looking for hidden item type click game!

The game player plays the weak and stupid human, investigates suspicious hidden objects in various styles, and does not let Nyanbaba’s magic trick succeed.

Some of the hidden points are illogical or strange, and some may be ancient and strange big monsters (little cute?).

Please find all hidden points within the time, otherwise the villain nyanbaba will jump out and scare the players with very, very scary (actually cute) Chinese voice!

Playing methods and features:

Lovely story setting, lovely art style, lovely Chinese dubbing.

It contains 10 different scenes, and each scene contains 20 strange hidden points.

Different from the traditional hidden goods game, it is not a reference comparison between the left and right of the two pictures, but a single picture, with a wider field of vision.

After playing each scene repeatedly and accumulating 100%, the button to enter the second round mode will appear.

Hidden points appear randomly in the first round, and all hidden points appear in the second round.

Click error to deduct seconds. Deduct more seconds in the second round.

Suitable for family fun of all ages.

The rules are simple and there is no language understanding barrier.

Hidden achievements are hidden in built-in secrets.

Suitable for works, gifts for children and girlfriends, as well as all cat girl fans!

Because the personal charm of cat girls may lead to mental retardation of some players, and the symptoms are deliberate failure.






焯 – 我超

值 – Graf Spee

酥 – 不愿透露姓名的酥酥

System Requirements


    • OS: WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
    • Processor: win7+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2G
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

Free Download 卖萌恶霸喵霸霸 Cute Bully Nyanbaba

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