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Title: Ascent

Genre: Strategy


Tim Kashani



Release Date: 20 Nov, 2020

About This Game

You have one task: roll a snowball up a mountain. Seems simple, right? Only problem is there’s no jumping, no checkpoints, and no forgiveness.

The controls couldn’t be simpler: move left and right. You’ll soon find out, however, that “simple” does not mean “easy.” This game will push your cognitive ability to the very limit.

Over the course of your journey, you’ll be kept company by your snowball companion with thought provoking dialogue such as “Ouch.” and “That hurt.”

Since there are no checkpoints, it’s very easy to fall back down to a previous point if you’re not careful. This is what separates the player from the master: Those who are willing to get back up after falling back down.

You must believe in yourself just as your snowball friend believes in you.

Good luck!

System Requirements



    • OS: 7 SP1+


    • OS: 10.11

Free Download Ascent

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