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Free Download Into the Radius VR

Title: Into the Radius VR

Genre: Indie


CM Games


CM Games


CM Games

Release Date: 20 Jul, 2020

Early Access Release Date: 6 Nov, 2019

About This Game


  • Dozens of hours of slow-paced suspenseful survival.
  • An unforgiving dystopian environment of the Pechorsk Anomaly Zone.
  • Diverse natural, industrial and urban locations with vast exploration potential.
  • Navigate with your realistic map, plan your route, climb over obstacles, scout out shelters, uncover loot caches, and try not to get killed.
  • Realistic handling of various classic and modern weapons.
  • Day and night cycle: scavenge for loot and scout during the day, sneak around and evade your enemies under cover of night.
  • Dangerous anomalies, bleak atmosphere, and urban exploration.
  • Regular updates and incredible community.


Explore miles and miles of forests, swamps, and crumbling industrial ruins. But be careful: the Radius is filled with deadly anomalies dealing damage to anyone foolish or daring enough to get close.
The place is swarming with hostile creatures — Fragments, Mimics, and more are roaming around 24/7 and will take every chance to let you know you are not welcome.


Into the Radius features a stunning variety of classic and modern firearms like the AKM Kalashnikov, PM Pistolet Makarova, SKS Carbine, M9 Beretta, PPSh, FN SCAR, and many more with matching ammo. Realistic interaction, manual magazine loading with different ammo types, and weapon attachments.

Take care of your weapons — if they take damage or their condition deteriorates, they will begin to jam. Be sure to switch off the safety before you start firing! Realistic bullet physics causes ricochets, and bullets can penetrate different materials.


Your only means of survival is to sneak around with your detector, hunt for artifacts, and complete the missions assigned via the vintage UNPSC desktop at the base. Your trusty friends in the Radius Zone are stealth, silence, and planning.

Understand how to navigate the terrain, move slowly, take cover, crouch, sneak, and beware of the threats around you!


“At its core, Into the Radius is an immersive and ambitious survival shooter on the fringe of humanity that pushes you to your limits.”

“…the kind of experience that can be had in this game is one in a million.”
Gaming Trend

“…the game’s complex, physics-based gameplay and realistic gun-handling are big attractions.”
Road to VR

System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Graphics: Geforce 1070 6 GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • VR Support: SteamVR or Oculus PC
    • Additional Notes: For Rift, Rift S or Vive

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Free Download Into the Radius VR

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