Shields of Loyalty Free Download

Free Download Shields of Loyalty

Title: Shields of Loyalty

Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access


Mosaic Mask Studio


Mosaic Mask Studio

Release Date: 18 Mar, 2021

Early Access Release Date: 18 Mar, 2021

About This Game

Shields of Loyalty is a turn-based dark fantasy strategy game in 2D that takes on the legacy of the genre classics and enriches them with great features and modern gameplay. Experience challenging TBS action with high replayability value on the island world of Mantaria and lead your army victoriously from battle to battle!


  • Command one of several avatars with unique skills and auras.
  • Train your units up to two times to become stronger and more powerful followers, who you lead and manage in challenging missions.
  • Find artifacts and strengthen your troops in battle.
  • Free “heroes of the old wars” and use their power and auras to your advantage!
  • Discover the abilities of your units and use them wisely in the fight against the unholy brood.
  • Form your units into larger squads to fight against powerful enemies and withstand the onslaught of evil.
  • Tactical depth! Use auras of your avatars and heroes, the terrain and strategically advantageous formations to master the challenges.
  • Survive randomly generated environmental effects such as lightnings, storms or meteorites that occur and make no difference between friend and foe.

Early Access

  • The Early Access version includes the first island “Darkwood” and offers around five to six hours of gameplay.
  • Currently you can play “Aglovan the Noble” and experience the story from his perspective. He leads an army of different unit types and classes through the island world and skillfully uses his strengths as the cavalry commander.
  • Train and equip your army! You can upgrade each of your units to become stronger and more powerful followers and equip them with a variety of mighty artifacts to improve their skills.
  • Replayability! On your way to free the island world of Mantaria, you have to make decisions that unlock certain levels and block others. Play again to experience the hidden ones!

Road Ahead

  • After the Early Access start, we want to introduce you to the next island “The Eternal Ice” with nine brand new levels. Experience a new island in a landscape covered with snow and ice. New enemies, terrain types, events, artifacts and features await you.
  • A new avatar! Warlord Gormur enters the island world of Mantaria with his barbarian army. Relive the campaigns with Gormur and conquer level by level with his strong infantry and flight units!
  • More announcements will follow soon!

A special thank to all the great games that inspired Shields of Loyalty

  • Fantasy General
  • XCOM
  • Battle Isle
  • Panzer General
  • AMPLITUDE Studios Endless Legend
  • Panzer Corps
  • Panzer General
  • Heroes of Might and Magic / Might and Magic: HEROES

System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS *: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit version)
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 8 GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS *: Windows 8/10 (64 bit version)
    • Processor: Quad Core 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 16 GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

Free Download Shields of Loyalty

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