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Title: Waves

Genre: Action, Indie


Squid In A Box Ltd


Squid In A Box Ltd



Release Date: 16 Nov, 2011

About This Game

Waves is a twin-stick shooter that can be played by anyone, but with a high enough skill threshold to keep even the most hardened shooter fan entertained.

Set in a Neo-Cyberspace arena your system is being overrun by bugs, errors, and viruses. The only solution is to kill every rogue process before it kills you!

Clear the arena of enemies while racking up a big fat Combo with swift kills and well-timed Bombs. If it all gets a bit too much you can use your Time Buffer to slow down the action and turn defeat into victory. Players can compete across seven different game modes with online high-score tables and Achievements in their pursuit of twin-stick perfection.


“It’s the kind of game that demands to be played again”rockpapershotgun

“Worth splashing out on.”PC Gamer UK 81/100

“One of the finest examples of the twin-stick arcade shooter genre”Eurogamer 8/10

“Well worth the purchase.”IGN 85/100

“A gloriously addictive psychedelic drug without any side-effects whatsoever.”gnomeslair

“This is a damn fun arcade action game.”atomicgamer 8/10

“Ridiculously frenetic, impressively strategic and an absolute blast to play.”beefjack 86/100

“Go out and get it. Trust me, you’ll never regret this purchase.”gamers-association 5/5

“It’s a brilliant little game, slick as hell, and fantastic value”diygamer

“Oh my God it’s filthy pretty”electrondance

“Prepare for hectic unforgiving splendour and retinal titilation of the highest order.”dealspwn 8/10

System Requirements


    • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7
    • Processor:2.0+ GHz or better
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader Model 3 Compatible video card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space

    • Processor:Dual Core
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c

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